Fitness Kickboxing

Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout!

Fitness Kickboxing

This class has much higher intensity in kickboxing training, which utilizes various kicking techniques, open hand strikes, punching and kicking combinations, and floor calisthenics conditioning.

Floor work includes strengthening the abs, arms, chest, waist and legs while using focus mitt and pads. High level of circuit cardio and muscle endurance training leads students to extreme shape. This training will definitely bring your heart rate up! Experience the most popular fitness workout burning calories in mass amounts while you develop kickboxing technique and self-defense skills, training like a fighter! This will be for higher level of experience and conditioning background.

This class is aimed at weight loss and muscle toning. and getting in shape. It is a wake-up call to people who need to get in shape through the most effective exercise Kickboxing to burn fat and gain fine muscles.

Kickboxing for women!

This class is fairly intense session of high energy, multi-calorie burning class with total body conditioning. It is for anyone who wants to gain a high level of fitness, get in great shape and learn martial arts. Fitness Kickboxing and conditioning teaches the fundamentals of martial arts hands techniques (including boxing) and kick techniques as well as some floor work conditioning. This class is designed not only for burning calories, but also is an excellent strength conditioning, building lean muscle, toning & conditioning your entire body, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the great energy is all about! (Gloves required). It takes 3-6 months for this program to be completed. Fitness Kickboxing with calisthenics is to aim at the body toning and firming. Many women are turning to kickboxing to tone their legs and body. Women have only recently started to get into kickboxing as it has largely been seen as a male dominated arena. Women are now actively joining kickboxing classes and loving it.