Kids Kung Fu

Strengthen your childs body and mind with Kung Fu

We offer Kung Fu classes for kids of all ages and skill levels, take a look


Shaolin Institute's Panda classes are a great introduction to Kung Fu for kids. We'll give your child important training in respect, discipline and character. And we'll help strengthen your child's ability to focus. Your child is guaranteed to receive plenty of positive reinforcement, while you'll enjoy all of the benefits that our Kung Fu classes provide your child, including:

A great workout that helps channel your child's energy motor skills, improved balance, increased flexibility, and better coordination. Emphasis on the importance of a positive, can-do attitude. Lessons in self-respect and respect for others

At the Shaolin Institute, we make it fun for your child to learn Kung Fu in a safe and friendly atmosphere. As a parent, you'll love what we can do for your child. You'll notice big changes; from improved behavior and listening skills, to heightened ambition and a passion for physical fitness.


Grade school kids love our Kung Fu Tiger classes! This exceptional program is packed with high-energy fun, mind-strengthening and character-building exercises!

Our Kung Fu classes will give your child benefits that will last a lifetime. In fact, you might agree that's enough reason to enroll your child right now.But now, for a very limited time, we'll let your child try any of our kids Kung Fu classes, absolutely FREE. Plus, when you register with us before the end of the month, you'll also qualify for deep discounts off of our regular new member rates.

Getting started is easy. Just take a moment to fill out the brief contact form right here on the bottom of this page. That's all there is to it. We'll lock you in to receive a free kids Kung Fu class, and we'll secure your discounted new-member rates if you decide to continue beyond your child's FREE class. Either way, taking advantage of a FREE kids Kung Fu class at Shaolin Institute is a great way to introduce your child to the exciting world of Kung Fu!

If you're looking for kids martial arts classes, try the kids Kung Fu classes at Shaolin Institute! Kung Fu is a great workout for all kids, no matter what shape they're in. Plus, kids who take Kung Fu classes at the Shaolin Institute get the added benefit of our character-building and mind-strengthening exercises that give kids a lifelong edge above their peers!

The institute teaches and cultivates in each student the most fundamental values; artistic, academic, and athletic talents as well mind-body integrated human ability and power apart from the most basic personal development needs: personal safety, character, leadership, self-discipline, self-control and indomitable spirit.

Our Kung Fu classes for kids will teach your child critical self-defense skills. We show kids how to deal with stranger danger, bullying, peer pressure and more. As we teach your child how to use core Kung Fu moves for self-defense, we'll also teach your child the importance of remaining calm when provoked.