Adult Kung Fu

Ready To Accelerate Your Training?

Kung Fu is designed to not only build each person with the skills of self-discipline self defense, self confidence; but also build to a person of character, integrity and high moral codes with grit. The word Shaolin is a synonym with high discipline and indomitable spirit, which is the path that every student at the institute must follow.

All students start with the basic elements of Kung Fu, which are stretching, basic conditioning, and basic forms building your fitness levels and endurance. All students will also continue training in the Basic Kung Fu classes, even after moving to GBSC (Golden Black Sash), which is the next stage in your education.

Kung Fu at our Institute is a traditional Chinese combat and athletic performing sport, which incorporates routine exercises, free combat fighting and Qi Gong (holistic healing). as well as an art form. Kung Fu is a general term for Chinese traditional martial arts, especially Shaolin Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is a time-honored sport in China, tracing back to as early as the clan community in primitive societies before 2,600 B.C. Kung Fu has form routines, and offensive and defensive combat fighting techniques.

At the school, you will find supportive instructors and senior students ready to welcome you into our class. Our instructors are specially picked by Master Liu based on their skills and their ability to teach. We are very proud of the environment at our school, in which everyone is supportive and we all help each other to learn and progress together in our training.

The kung fu curriculum starts with many open hand forms and basic simple self defense techniques. As you progress, the forms and defense techniques become a bit more complex, but they build upon the basic foundation of the early movements. Eventually the student will progress onto weapons and weapon fighting sets, such as the staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear and even more. Since the Shaolin temple was a "university" of martial arts, there are innumerable techniques and weapons contained in this system for our students to become proficient in.