Ready To Accelerate Your Training?


Originally from China, Anchor has spent his entire childhood studying kung fu, and has dedicated his life to martial arts. Formally trained under Shifu Wu Bin, whose students are Jet Li, Li Jinheng, Cao Yue, any many others. He also spent 5 years living and training at the Shaolin Monastery in Dengfeng. He has choreographed, acted and participated in many martial arts films.

Renard Edwards

Originally from San Francisco ,Renard first came to help his son attend Kung-Fu class,but soon he fell in with Kung-Fu. He trained everyday and lost over 30lbs,and he became one of the most improved Shaolin Kung-Fu students in any Shaolin family schools in the U.S. and China. He only strives the utmost for his best to learn the arts of Kung-Fu and Self- Defense.He is passionate about helping others achieve the same goal to improve their health and well-being and to promote the great spirit of Shaolin. He is compassionate, confident and has learned a lot in inner strength and peace.

Marco Castro

Marco Castro is from La-Lime Cortez,Honduras where he served in the military before moving to the United States. Marco is a Golden Black Sash part two,he is a GBSC member and has competed in domestic tournaments. Marco recently spent a month in China to further his training and knowledge of Shaolin Kung-Fu, he is a great teaching assistant who has dedicated his life to Shaolin Kung-Fu.